A people after God’s own Heart.


9:09am & 11:11am

Heart of the City Church is a place …

… Where the first time you attend you’re a visitor, the second time you’re “family”.

… Where the sermons speak to your heart and the worship music brings comfort to your soul.

… Where people of all races, nationalities and backgrounds are welcomed and can come together to be a part of a loving, growing, supportive community of faith.

… Where children can grow in a safe environment and discover the love of Jesus in a personal way.

… Where our youth can grow into responsible young adults and are equipped to be all that God wants them to be.

… Where families, marriages and relationships are encouraged to thrive through respect, honesty, love, healing and growth in Christ.

… Where you can literally “feel” the excitement in the air on Sundays and you say to yourself, “I want a little of what they have!”

… Where believers can make a positive impact in the community and the world by reaching out to the lost and caring for the poor and needy.

We are a church that’s in the “Heart of the City.”

Our Services …

Provide strong Biblical teaching in a way that will touch your heart today and help you transform your life. We endeavor to make God’s Word come alive in the daily lives of our believers.

Our Worship Style …

Is a celebration of all the wonderful things God does in our lives. We usher in the presence of God with modern worship music that prepares our hearts to receive God’s Word.

Our CitiGroups …

Are where lasting relationships are built. They’re a place where everyone knows your name and everyone’s glad you came … “Cheers without the beers.”