There are many ways to get connected at Heart of the City Church. The following is an overview of our different ministries & CitiGroups.


These are the major ministries are always consistent. They run year round and are typically run at the church facility.

  • His Kids Children’s Ministry
  • VarCiti Youth Church
  • VarCiti Young Adults
  • Transformed Recovery
  • Our Fathers Market: Food Bank and Clothing Closet
  • Vessels Worship Community
  • Prayer Ministry: Power in Prayer, Noon Prayer, Pre Service Prayer, Prayer Email Chain
  • Arrows Co-Op


These are free market Citigroups meaning that each one is interest based. You can find all different types of CitiGroups for all interests, all ages, all passions. Typically these take place in peoples homes but they can meet at the church facility or other places such as coffee shops. These typically run on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.


These are any one time or short term classes. Some require registration. Some don’t. Some require consistent attendance for a set period of time. Whatever the time frame is, all CitiClasses have a start point and and end point.

  • Belong Class
  • Coeur Class
  • Doctrine Class
  • Marriage Works


These are CitiGroups that are based primarily on serving. These could be teams that serve in one of the weekend capacities or outside the normal church services or the church facility.

  • FIT Team/Ambassador Team
  • Sound Team
  • Projection Team
  • Video Team
  • CitiMpact Team
  • Usher Team
  • Security Team



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